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All products manufactured by Pro Clear Aquatic Systems are made of top quality American made cast acrylic and assembled by highly trained technicians. At Pro Clear Aquatic Systems all of the products we manufacture carry our lifetime warranty against leaks for defects in workmanship.

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For the consumer, our products can be found at pet shops across the country and at various online stores. If you own a pet store, you can buy our products through your distributor.  Pro Clear Aquatic Systems does not sell direct to the public. We support our network of distributors and stores who appreciate a MADE IN USA product line.  If you are having trouble locating our merchandise please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.


Pro Clear Aquatic Systems was founded in 1996 and is devoted to serving the needs of the aquaculture community.

At Pro Clear Aquatic Systems, LLC we manufacture and distribute a wide variety of products for hobbyists including our unique design wet/dry filters and protein skimmers. We also manufacture and install custom aquariums, commercial aquariums, retail aquatic display systems and complete filtration systems for retail stores, private collectors, museums, restaurants and wholesalers of tropical fish. Custom aquariums and filtration systems are available in virtually any size and are designed to meet individual needs. Our experienced technicians can quickly and efficiently install the equipment at our customer’s facility.

Pro Clear Aquatic Systems boasts over 22,000 square feet of manufacturing space with two computerized CNC routers and a 16 foot by 8 foot walk in oven used for forming acrylic to any size or shape.

Our company’s mission is to provide uncompromising integrity, quality and excellent customer service. Our dedication to our customers, wide product range and competitive pricing has helped us to become one of the nation’s top manufacturers of aquatic products. Currently we service accounts nationwide, as well as numerous tropical fish resale companies all over the world.

Remarkable engineering, top notch craftsmanship, and a rock bottom value price, plus a Lifetime Warranty.

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Enjoy a sump that grows when you do... from Freshwater Wet/Dry to Saltwater Live Rock & Refugium!  Use for all types.

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